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Self-Love, Sexuality, Relationships and Intimacy.

Men’s private online coaching – Holistic & integrated service for men

What is The vita Coaching Method?

VITA stands for: “The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach.” 

The VITA methodology itself is a Tantric philosophical approach to sex, love and relationships.

This means partnering with you (the client) in a loving, supportive, and compassionate way with a focus on you realising your greatest desires and goals in sex, love and relationships whilst aligning with your authentic truth.

It’s holistic, liberatory and fundamentally integrated, which means moving out of your old patterns to feel the unfelt things, to make the unconscious conscious so that you can actually change your destiny.

Connecting the healing of your mind with your body for a deeper level of healing and integration.

Chart your New course As a man in the Modern era.

Using a refreshing mix of ancient and modern practices my method pulls from the most powerful teachings of modern neurobiology, holistic healing, and modern coaching, and blends them with ancient wisdom and teachings. 

One of the things that is so unique about my coaching approach is that it gives you as a man the tools to connect back to your freedom and authenticity.

It lets you redefine manhood and decide who you are and who you want to be to help carry yourself, your family and society into the future.



– Master your sexual performance?

– Heal sexual health issues?

– Learn how to deeply satisfy a partner? 

– Access confidence and dominance over your sexuality?

– Feel sexually attractive and successful?

– Unwind sexual conditioning?

– Become magnetic to the people you’re interested in?

– Have a thriving relationship or marriage?


I am here to challenge you in all the right ways, to offer you accountability to step up, get curious and stick to a transformative practice.

I will show you how to get what you want in an empowering way and will support you to connect with yourself so deeply that you can listen to your impulses and trust yourself.

As a woman, I hold a tender and safe space for you to show up in your entirety, all of you is welcome and will be celebrated.


My coaching packages are flexible and can be created to suit your schedule and lifestyle.

– Coaching is done via Zoom.

– Weekly or fortnightly sessions based on your schedule.

– Each 1:1 coaching session is 90 minutes long.

– Initial consultation (FREE) to discuss your specific needs.


Minimum 6 session commitment.

$189 per session (Pay as you go).

$174 per session (When you pay upfront).


What do you get when we work together?

Each session is tailored to what you need most.

Personally recorded guided meditations and practices.

24/7 WhatsApp support and messaging.

Free access to past recorded meditations and practices.

Access to our private community.


Please reach out to me at hello@rikkiyeowart.com.au to discuss options on how I can support you in achieving your desires.

My devotion To your Expansion & healing

I have been on my own self-discovery journey since 2015. Along the way, I have studied many different approaches to healing with many amazing teachers and pioneers in the world of holistic healing.

I studied under Layla Martin and The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality and am a certified Sex, Love and Relationship coach majoring in Female Sexuality and Women’s Empowerment.

Although I have been working intimately with women and vulva owners since 2020 I am now ready to begin sharing my wisdom, energy and space with men and male bodies persons.

There is a time and place for Western medicine but I believe in the wisdom of the earth and our bodies and it is never too late to learn of the immense potential that lives inside you.

I have reclaimed my body, my power and my abilities with patience, compassion and practice and you can too.

Client Testimonial - jason 35

Sometimes you know deep down what you want to do, but until you start to vocalise that desire, it’s very difficult to make it a reality. Rikki was an absolute gem in this regard. She helped me to go deeper and clarify exactly what it was that I wanted in life and then helped me to develop clear practical steps to make that dream a reality. Through her compassion and unique style of coaching, Rikki guided me through some basic steps that yielded profound results. I highly recommend Rikki to anyone who is either looking to clarify a dream they have deep inside or is simply looking to uncover dreams they may have forgotten. She’s the absolute best.