About Rikki

Hello beautiful, I’m Rikki. 

I’m an Intuitive energy healer, qualified nude yoga teacher, Queensland’s Naked Awakening Facilitator and Queensland coordinator for Get Naked Australia.

Yep I know, that’s a lot of nakedness!

I love pushing the boundaries of what is socially “acceptable” and diving into all things “taboo”.

Fuelled by my passions for normalising nudity, sensuality and emotions, destigmatising shame and desexualising the female body my work offers you the support and encouragement you need to step outside of your comfort zone to receive deep inner transformation and healing.

I consider myself a ‘forever student’ and am always looking for ways to grow, expand, step out of my own comfort zone and challenge myself.

What makes me different?

I use nudity in most of my women’s group healing work as a way to intensify the healing process and add a deeper level of embodiment to the experience.

Body image is one of the most common struggles we as women carry. So by removing our clothes we bare all to experience this state of ultimate vulnerability.

Being naked around other people is a common fear for so many because we are riddled with body image issues, insecurities and inhibitions. 

By removing clothes, we remove layers of status, judgement, masks, fear, sexuality, separation and preconceptions.

How I got into this work.

My journey of connecting to my body, healing my shame and traumas and owning my sensuality came after a heartbreak.

As most big transformations do!

In 2015 I was dumped. At the time of course it was painful and I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. But it was this closing of one chapter and opening of another that led me down the path to becoming the powerful woman I embody today!

I was 25 at the time and the daunting realisation hit me hard, that I wasn’t living in my truth. I didn’t truly know who I was and I wasn’t fully present or connected to my body and womanhood.

I was allowing my limiting beliefs to control my decisions and I had had enough!

I started studying the art of Western Tantra. I started healing my past wounds and the many deep shames I had been carrying for years. I taught myself the very important practice of Emotional Energy Release and I began the hugely uncomfortable yet immensely empowering journey of unconditionally loving and accepting all of me.

Phew! What a ride the past 5 years have been!!!

I have learnt along the way that our healing journey never really ends. Once one layer is removed there is always another. And another. And another. But what changes is the awareness and understanding of the healing process and what it looks like for you.

Now I come to you in love with my uniqueness and authenticity, comfortable in vulnerability and ready to guide you towards similar healing. 

Podcast Interviews:


The Nasty Woman Club where I spoke about…  Click Here to listen!

A short but sweet segment discussing NUDE YOGA.

How it isn’t just your regular yoga class but nude.

I speak about how transformative these workshops are in teaching women how to treat their bodies with love and kindness.

Fine Your Feminine where I spoke about…  Click Here to listen!

Shared wisdom and teachings around guiding women back to themselves by expressing emotions and loving the bodies they are in. 

The juicy topics we get into…

What is an intuitive healer + Reiki Practitioner + A Naked Awakening?

How Rikki got into the work she does today. 

The most common reasons why women are drawn to Rikki’s work. 

Limiting factors or beliefs that Rikki sees why women struggle to embody their feminine essence.

Balancing the masculine & feminine energies+ so much MORE!

The Strip Podcast where I spoke about…  Click Here to listen!

Learn about my journey into the work I do. 

My traveling experiences and how I was qualified in the Himalayas by a family of Nepalese healers. 

How I found Nude Yoga. Becoming my own boss. My personal self care tips.

What included in my workshops. Other womens events I facilitate.

Be Water, Be One where I spoke about…  Click Here to listen!

We speak about the importance of grounding, the desexualisation of nudity and polarities.

Finding a healthy balance between your feminine and masculine energies. 

The Happy Psychic where I spoke about… Click Here  to listen!

My first international podcast!

Gemma and I have a beautiful chat about body image and self acceptance.

How hard it is to grow up as a women in such a pleasure shaming society.

Also I share on my journey to becoming a Naked Awakening facilitator

and how media shapes our mindset around how we should look.   


By using my gifts and magic energies the earth provides my approach is to help guide people to find healing within themselves whilst also building community and reminding them they are never alone. 


My method of healing is natural, authentic and intuitive. I like to dive deep into the core reason for people’s ailments and instead of using a bandaid approach we pull off the layers and heal from the root cause. 


I’m a very grounded and down to earth woman. My vibe is very natural, raw and organic. I pride myself in owning and understanding exactly who I am and always living in my truth and authenticity.