About Rikki

Hello beautiful human, I’m Rikki. 

I’m an Intuitive energy healer, qualified nude yoga teacher, Queensland’s Naked Awakening Facilitator, Queensland coordinator for Get Naked Australia and certified VITA Sex, Love and Relationship coach.

Yep I know, that’s a lot of nakedness!

I love pushing the boundaries of what is unnecessarily “stigmatised” and diving into all things “taboo”.

Fuelled by my passions for:

normalising nudity

unleashing sensuality

liberating emotions

destigmatising shame

desexualising the human body

healing from trauma

healing people’s relationship with their bodies

My work offers the support, encouragement and guidance you need to step outside of your comfort zone and receive deep transformation and healing

I consider myself a ‘forever student’ and am always looking for ways to grow, expand, step out of my own comfort zone and challenge myself.

What makes me different?

I pride myself on always showing up in my truth. What this means for me is ‘raw authenticity.’ I am not here to be liked by everyone, I’m not here seeking validation, I’m not here to gain the most followers. I am here to share myself with the world and hopefully, this can impact you. 

Some people won’t resonate with my style of teaching, sharing or being and that’s fine. I couldn’t imagine how exhausting it would be if everyone wanted a piece of me haha

What I can tell you for certain and even promise you is, I will always be me; an ever-evolving human being who is continuously learning, expanding and growing (I’ll always be a work in progress). I will forever be changing as my life continues to shift and send me down different paths, but I will always be myself. Real, raw, authentic, courageous, loving, passionate and fun.

I feel online these days it’s hard to know the real person behind the images, stories, filters and videos. But with me. What you see is what you get. ARE YOU READY FOR ME? 😉

How I got into this work.

My journey of connecting to my body, healing shame and traumas and owning my sensuality came after a heartbreak.

As most big transformations do!

In 2015 I had my heart broken. At the time of course it was painful, I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was this closing of one chapter and the opening of another that led me down the path to becoming the powerful woman I embody today!

I was 25 at the time and the daunting realisation hit me hard, that I didn’t truly know who I was, what I wanted or where I wanted to go. 

I started studying the art of Western Tantra with Layla Martin, I started healing my past wounds and the many deep feelings of shame I had been carrying for years. I taught myself the very important practice of Emotional Energy Release (movement as medicine) and began the hugely uncomfortable yet immensely liberating journey of loving and accepting all parts of me.

Phew! What a ride this has been!!!

I have learnt along the way that our healing journey never really ends. Once one layer is removed there is always another. And another. And another. But what changes is the awareness and understanding of the healing process and what it looks like. I have even come to a place where I enjoy the process of dealing with my shadows!

Now I come to you in love with my uniqueness and authenticity, comfortable in vulnerability and ready to guide you through a similar healing journey if you are ready to feel the uncomfortable things. 


Is liberatory. It is inviting the unconscious to be conscious so we can heal any learned un-serving patterns and find our deepest truth in all we do. My work is based on radical self acceptance and in the immense healing power of sisterhood community.


Raw, real, authentic and intuitive. I trust the wisdom of the earth and of my body and I encourage all my students and clients to find this same connection and belief in themselves. I challenge social conditioning, societal standards and the taboo’s of the present day. All of this giving you permission to wholeheartly be yourself.


The work I do can be taken so seriously, and in certain moments this is important, but I also invite and encourage playfulness, innocence and surrender to all the work I do. It is ok to be silly, messy, chaotic and unrefined in your journey. I’ll share with you all of me. All of you is welcome in my spaces.

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