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Self-Love, Empowerment, Sexuality, Relationships & Intimacy.

Accessing compassion and confidence and living a life that is truly thriving.

What is The vita Coaching Method?

VITA stands for: “The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach.” 

The VITA methodology itself is a Tantric philosophical approach to sex, love and relationships.

This means partnering with you (the client) in a loving, supportive, and compassionate way with a focus on you realising your greatest desires and goals in sex, love and relationships whilst aligning with your authentic truth.

It’s holistic, liberatory and fundamentally integrated, which means moving out of your old patterns to feel the unfelt things, to make the unconscious conscious so that you can actually change your destiny.

Connecting the healing of your mind with your body for a deeper level of healing and integration.

How can I help you Achieve your desires In sex, Love & Relationship

Using a refreshing mix of ancient and modern practices my method pulls from the most powerful teachings of modern neurobiology, holistic healing, and modern coaching, and blends them with ancient wisdom and teachings. 

My approach is desire based coaching. This means we explore the depths of what it is you truly want in sex, love and or relationship.

My focus is on liberating women and vulva owners in their sexuality, empowerment and body image.

When I talk about sex coaching this doesn’t only mean sex with a partner, it means sex with yourself.

When I talk about love coaching this doesn’t only mean love for others, but love for yourself and everything you are.

When I talk about relationship coaching this doesn’t only mean your romantic relationships, it means all of your relationships; friends, family, colleagues and most importantly your relationship with yourself.

By turning your attention within and healing from the inside out you can notice the natural ripple effect happening and just how true the mantra is of, “as within, so without”.  





My coaching packages are flexible and can be created to suit your schedule and lifestyle.

– Coaching is done via Zoom.

– Weekly or fortnightly sessions based on your schedule.

– Each 1:1 coaching session is 90 minutes long.

– Initial consultation (FREE) to discuss your specific needs.


Minimum 6 session commitment.

$189 per session (Pay as you go).

$174 per session (When you pay upfront).


What do you get when we work together?

Each session is tailored to what you need most.

Personally recorded guided meditations and practices.

24/7 WhatsApp support and messaging.

Free access to past recorded meditations and practices.

Access to our private community.


Please reach out to me at hello@rikkiyeowart.com.au to discuss options on how I can support you in achieving your desires.

My devotion To your Expansion & healing

I have been on my own self discovery journey since 2015 and along the way I have studied many different approached to healing and studied with many amazing teachers and pioneers in the world of holistic healing.

I studied under Layla Martin and The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality and am a certified Sex, Love and Relationship coach majoring in Female Sexuality and Women’s Empowerment.

I have been working intimately with women and vulva owners since 2020 as a Naked Awakening facilitator (trained by Rosie Rees) and have seen time and time again just how much power comes from within people if guided and channelled safely.

There is a time and place for western medicine but I believe in the wisdom of the earth and our bodies and it is never too late to learn of the immense potential that lives inside you.

I have reclaimed my body, my power and my abilities with patience, compassion and practice and you can too.

Client Testimonial ~ 9 Sessions

Over the last few months, I have been working with Rikki. I have done a lot of work on healing myself over the last few years (both mentally and physically) but there was stuff I couldn’t shake on my own, or through any other method I tried. 
My first session I had a panic attack just trying to imagine myself in the reality I so desperately longed for. (And that I can now touch with my hot little hands!)
Session by session, week by week, we sat down and worked through things piece by tiny piece.
I cried almost every session.
Looking that far into myself is one of the hardest things I’ve done. Giving myself that much love and attention when so many of the energies inside me screamed that I didn’t deserve it was shockingly challenging.
At the end of every session, Rikki would ask “What is your biggest gratitude from this session?”
My response was mostly “being able to share this and to be witnessed. To know I’m not crazy for all of this”.
Since we finished our coaching I have felt more love, energy, light and celebration fill my soul than I have felt in years.
It feels like I’ve been existing with all of this darkness for so long and MY OWN PRESENCE was being suffocated by it, now for the first time I feel like I can breathe again.
I’m so fucking ready for my true self to step up onto the platform that Fear and Shame and Anguish have reigned over for so long.
I have found myself again!
Not everyone needs a solution or to be fixed, analysed or medicated.
But everyone needs a safe space where they feel heard, seen, and valued.
Never underestimate the power of a listening ear and a kind heart.
Rikki gave these things to me xoxo

Female Sexuality 10 Sessions

Working with Rikki uncovered blockages I didn’t know I had and gave me the opportunity to be able to express my sexuality and sensuality fully with and without my partner.

Old habits were questioned and reviewed without any judgment in a very safe environment.

Rikki ensured that I was aware of the components of each session, ensured I was comfortable with the process and adapted if needed.

I found Rikki very easy to talk to and she skillfully urged mindsets and ideas out of me, some of which I didn’t even know I had.

Thank you Rikki for helping me on this next part of my personal journey

Client Testimonial ~ 6 Sessions

I’ve worked with Rikki a long time, and there’s a reason I keep coming back.

Each workshop, coaching session and conversation gives me more and more permission to show up as my authentic self, trust my intuition and invite more pleasure into my life.

I love that I have someone keeping me accountable on my self-development journey, especially someone so knowledgeable, but also someone funny and down to earth.

I feel so comfortable sharing with Rikki.

No matter what weird revelation or experience I’ve had she holds space for me and asks the tough questions when it’s time to call out my bullshit.

Love you so much lady. X

Client Testimonial ~ 6 Sessions

The work I have done with Rikki has changed not only my personal life but the impact my professional life also has on me.

I have been able to learn about parts of my soul and grow in ways I didn’t think were possible.

Rikki brings such an unconditional acceptance to sessions and I feel I can be unapologetically me whilst diving deep into parts of myself.

I am so grateful for the joy and love coaching has brought back to my life and relationship with my partner!

Client Testimonial - 10 Sessions

I had met Rikki at a local event and instantly felt at ease and comfortable in her presence. I further developed my rapport with Rikki when I attended a Naked Awakening workshop and felt incredibly supported by her kind and clear nature. I booked 10 sessions with Rikki as soon as I heard she was offering to coach.

I joined Rikki’s coaching packages during a time in my life when I was transitioning from a lengthy mentorship and was looking for continuing support as I made life improvements. Rikki immediately felt supportive, on board with my intentions and was easily understanding of my complex situation. Her ability to pull pertinent information from a complex situation, mirror my feelings and hold space for me helped me greatly through some of the densest times of my life. 

The most beneficial process for me was the inner child work we did together – the biggest shift in all my coaching work was embodied for me that day and I have been able to sustain the practices we did together for many months since. 

During my time with Rikki, I was able to accept the unknown and transitioned to a place where I could welcome pregnancy into my energy and body again. 

I felt the most clarity and vision for my future after having spent time working so deeply on myself with Rikki. 

Her education, demeanour and frameworks greatly supported me and I hope the same for you!! 

I think Rikki’s support is the ultimate investment in your future. 

I encourage anyone keen on improving their mindset and outlook on the past, present and future to contact Rikki for support.

Client Testimonial - 5 Sessions

Rikki’s coaching sessions were phenomenal. It was the first time I had ever done anything like this and wasn’t sure what to expect, and also very nervous. She led each session with confidence and care and was always able to perfectly match the practice with the outcomes I had in mind. Her repertoire of meditations and practices was inspiring and exciting to partake in each week, leaving me astounded by my capabilities, and also what was being uncovered. Thanks so much Rikki!!

Client Testimonial - 5 Sessions

I’ve always thought of myself as confident in sex, love and relationships. I guess I was to an extent but my sessions with Rikki took it up to levels I didn’t know existed. I realised how much of myself I was sacrificing and the fact I wasn’t meeting/exploring myself, so how could I expect someone else to know how to do that? Each week was gently guided, meticulously planned and beautifully executed. The exercises have helped me develop a new love for myself – body, mind and spirit. I make love to myself now and prioritise my pleasure. I have more energy and am able to express myself easily, both in and out of the bedroom. Seriously this work was the best thing I did for myself in 2022 and it’s kept my 2023 kicking along with sooo much integrity, self respect and kinky playfulness! Cannot recommend Rikki enough, for both men and women. I wish more people would try this stuff and see how magical the transformation really is.

Client Testimonial - 5 Sessions

Honestly this has been on of the best experience I have had. I didn’t go in with any expectations so to have come out of my 5 sessions with Rikki with so much was incredible. I’ve always felt safe, heard and that I can trust Rikki with the deepest and darkest parts of me which is such a blessing so thank you!! The work I have done with Rikki around Sex, Love and Relationships has had such an impact on my life already. I have worked to love and trust intimacy and I never would have imagined that in only 5 sessions I would be reconnecting with my partner and really loving the intimate parts of our relationship again. To be able to work with Rikki and have her facilitate me rebuilding my love and trust of intimacy has not only helped my relationship but also grown my love and confidence within myself. I feel like I can take on my past and really embrace who I am because of the experience I have had vs allowing it to take over and control the way I view and interact with people. The work I have done with Rikki is such a gift and I can’t wait to continue this journey!

Client Testimonial - 3 Sessions

My sessions with Rikki have helped me immensely! I had no expectations and no idea what these sessions would be like or what I’d get out of them. They definitely flipped my life upside down. They helped me bring into perspective areas of my life I needed to face but I had been avoiding. I gained amazing tools to be able to feel safe in my body again and to start tapping back into my pleasure. Rikki guided the sessions so beautifully. I felt seen and heard throughout our entire time together. She communicated with me in between our sessions, always making sure I was moving through anything that may have come up. I felt held and supported the whole time. I’m so grateful for this opportunity.

Client Testimonial - 3 Sessions

I really enjoyed working with Rikki.

She helped me open my heart and drop into my femininity which I had been struggling with and feels a lot easier now.

I feel safer in my softness and vulnerability and I’m grateful for the valuable insight I gained.