Work With Me


 Are you feeling drawn to work with me in some way? Do you like my energy? Is there something I offer that is calling to you?

There are many ways in which we can work together.

– Womens Naked Awakening Workshops

– Reiki Energy Healing

– Online Courses (Yoni Eggs for Beginners)

– Online Memberships (The Feminine Rising)

– Incredible collaborated events 

– Get Naked Australia mixed gender events


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Hire Me For Your Event/Collaborate With Me:

I am open to any collaborations. I really love joining forces with other on the divine healing path.

Whatever you have to offer, if you think our modalities would compliment each other please reach out to me.

If you would like me as a guest speaker.

Do we combine our talents and create a new workshop.

Do you want me to facilitate a Naked Awakening experience in your retreat, in your home, for your friend.

Do you need a nude yoga teacher.

Would you like me on your podcast or in your magazine. 



By using my gifts and magic energies the earth provides my approach is to help guide people to find healing within themselves whilst also building community and reminding them they are never alone. 


My method of healing is natural, authentic and intuitive. I like to dive deep into the core reason for people’s ailments and instead of using a bandaid approach we pull off the layers and heal from the root cause. 


I’m a very grounded and down to earth woman. My vibe is very natural, raw and organic. I pride myself in owning and understanding exactly who I am and always living in my truth and authenticity.