Nude yogA online

Private online sessions personalised you for.

Are you interested in trying nude yoga but can’t find a class near you?

Are you at the beginning of your nudie journey and not yet comfortable practising in a group?

Have you been wanting to join my in-person classes but live too far away?


Book in and receive private online classes from the comfort of your own home.

Your yoga package will be specifically created to meet your level of yoga and be focused on your personal needs.

– Want to become more flexible or strong?

– Want to find relief from back pain?

– Do you sit all day at work and need motivation to move your body?

– Are you here to heal your relationship with your body?

All of this and more is possible.


– feel more comfortable and less self-conscious.

– your personal needs and goals are being met.

– not having to leave your home for classes.

– you never have to worry about what to wear 😉

– classes are personally tailored to your level of fitness and limits.

– you get 100% of the teacher’s attention.

– you can be naked in the comfort of your own home.

– nude yoga helps boost self-confidence and self-love.

– nude yoga allows you to reconnect with your body in a more empowered way.


The best thing about private online classes is that YOU are the main focus.

Your package is personally created for exactly what you want to achieve.

What do YOU want to work on?

– flexibility.

– strengthening.

– exercise or weight loss.

– injury recovery.

– lower back pain.

– sciatica.

– self love & self care.

– body acceptance & confidence.

– conscious movement.

– reconnect to your body in a loving way.


I have been teaching nude yoga since January 2020 with a passionate focus on self-love, self-acceptance, empowerment and liberation.

I don’t just guide you through a yoga class, I take you on a journey.

A beautiful exploration of what it means to be living in and moving your glorious body.

Movement really is medicine.

Practising nude yoga has been an important tool for me to be able to quieten my mind, reconnect to my body in a self-honouring way and heal my body image struggles. 

Whether you just want the yoga or you are feeling called to do the deeper work, I will be by your side supporting and guiding you through exactly what you need.

Your InvestmenT

Sessions are 60 – 90 minutes long and include warm-up, flow, cool down and Shavasana meditation. Prices are in Australian dollars.

60 minutes.

Single $89

Couple $119


90 minutes.

Single $109

Couple $139

Create your own cusTom  packAge



How often.

How long (sessions).

Length (how many sessions).

Style of yoga.

Set your goals and intentions.

Individual or couple.


Let’s create the most suitable package for your needs.


Genuine expressioN of intereSt


Nude Yoga

Each session I attended brought me so much closer to myself. I have learnt how to feel safe again within my body and how to enjoy the body I have! The judgment-free space Rikki creates for you to really delve deep into yourself is a complete blessing. To show up in such a vulnerable way and know you are loved, cherished and respected made me feel like I found a place to truly belong just as I am.

I cannot encourage you enough to work with Rikki! The second you step foot into her world you will be met with genuine love and care!

Thank you so much Rikki for guiding me back to myself.


Nude Yoga

I recently experienced nude yoga hosted by Rikki and OMG it was absolutely mind-blowing!

I felt this incredible sense of freedom like I’d never experienced before.

It was more than just yoga; it was like this journey to reconnect with my body and find a whole new groove with my inner self.

Rikki made the whole experience feel like a cozy hangout rather than a class and her guidance wasn’t just about the physical moves; it hit me right in the feels too.

I’d totally recommend it to anyone who’s up for a unique journey to self-discovery, liberation and a killer connection with their body.


Nude Yoga

I started following Rikki on Facebook during Covid. She was uploading free yoga classes for all who were stuck at home during lockdown. I instantly loved her teaching style, energy and playfulness.

THEN, I stepped way out of my comfort zone and tried NUDE YOGA!

I never thought I’d have the courage to do something like this but it has seriously shifted so much in me.

Not only did I get stronger in my mind and body but I fell in love with my body again, this is a gift I would have paid thousands of dollars for but was able to access through Rikki’s guidance.

It’s ok to be nervous but don’t let it hold you back from this level of liberation!


Nude Yoga

I had the pleasure of doing a few of Rikki’s nude yoga classes at a recent retreat my partner and I attended and it was incredible.

What a relaxed environment, enjoyable atmosphere and lovely guidance.

Rikki instructs so beautifully and makes it easy and fun.

I would highly recommend attending her classes.


Nude Yoga

Naked yoga with Rikki was a first for me and I really enjoyed her calm guidance and support.

Moving my body and stretching allowed me to feel into areas that hadn’t been stretched in a while. This was truly an embodied and therapeutic experience.

The freedom of being in a clothes-free environment, while not new for me, was a lovely way to feel liberated and express sound, movement and the deep feeling of relaxation.

Looking forward to more naked yoga in the future.
Many thanks Rikki

~Duncan ~