Frequently Asked Questions


What do we wear to the workshop?

Participants arrive at the studio dressed in normal clothes and change into a sarong, kimono or robe, removing all items of clothes including underwear and bra. The studio will always have a private space (bathroom or change rooms) for participants to get undressed.

When do we get naked?

You have full permission to get naked whenever you please. Generally, we don’t start fully naked, although you’re more than welcome to get nude straight away. Some women unveil during the meditation or sharing circle and other women unveil during the yoga practice. It’s entirely up to you. 

Can I wear underwear?

I encourage women not to wear underwear, simply because I want them to gain the most empowering experience possible out of getting fully naked. Taking your underwear off is part of the process of shedding all your layers. If you are bleeding and you don’t use tampons or menstrual cups, you can wear period undies or undies and a pad, however, you can also bleed freely onto your towel on your yoga mat, if you wish. 

What age do I have to be?

We only accept women aged 18 years+

What gender do I have to be to attend the workshop?

These workshops are designed for people who identify as a woman, non-binary folk, or people with a vulva. There are plenty of mixed gender workshops available for men and women to attend, however, these workshops are solely for females, or people who identify as a woman. 

Do I need any prior yoga experience?

Absolutely not. There is no yoga, meditation or workshop experience necessary. The yoga practice is basic and designed for beginners. Anyone can do it! If you have any injuries, just let me know before the workshop. 

How long is the workshop?

Approximately 3.5 hours long. There is a toilet break offered before we start our yoga flow but you are free to go anytime you need. If you don’t have to leave right away, stay to chat and share and take a look at the beautiful healing items on offer by Rikki.

Where are the workshops held?

I always use yoga studios for my workshops. These nights are held in different locations and each studio is ensured to be private, have air conditioning and be a beautiful space for you to surrender. The location is kept private and released in an email the Monday before the workshop.  


No. These workshops are trying to break down stigma that “nudity = sexuality”. Just because we are naked, doesn’t mean it’s a sexual experience. The workshops are ‘sensual’ experiences, but not sexual – unless the theme or topic is based on helping women connect to their sexuality. 

I am feeling very anxious to attend. Is that normal?

It’s completely normal to be fearful, anxious or nervous before a Nude Yoga workshop since being seen and witnessed naked is a legitimate fear for many people. 

Once you book in the ticket there is a process of feelings and emotions that arise; waves of nerves, excitement, fear and thrill. Simply witness and observe these waves of emotions. If you feel stuff “come up”, feel into it and allow it to rise and fall away. Try not to analyse too much, otherwise you will talk yourself out of it. My advice is to book in, forget about it, and then just turn up. Enjoy the process. Just remember: If not now, when? If not who, then me? 

What kind of movements or postures will we be doing?

Since we are spread out in a circle (not in rows in front and behind each other) there are no ‘bums in faces’ – so to speak. Everyone panics about the downward dog, however, it’s one of the most non-intrusive postures in the workshop – because no one is behind you or directly in front of you. You have ultimate privacy when we are in a circle. And besides, it’s a candle-lit space so there are no bright lights to make you feel uncomfortable. 

Other postures might include: 

  • Cat / Cow / Table-top

  • Child’s pose

  • Warrior poses (lunges)

  • Cobra / up dog

  • Sun salutations

  • Reclined twists

  • Sufi grinds (hip spirals)

  • Heart opening movements 

  • Breathwork

My yoga flows are very intuitive so they do vary depending on how the room is feeling on the night, but I do always say to listen to your body and just move the way you feel called to.

What about body sounds and bodily fluids?

We ask each participant to bring their own yoga mat AND their own towel. It’s important for hygiene that we use a towel over our yoga mat, as there may be vaginal fluids, breast milk (if you’re breastfeeding) or sweat released during the practice.

This is normal! We are human and noises and fluids will escape our body – there is nothing to be ashamed of. For this reason, we remain on our yoga mat or towel for most of the night and when we partner up we take our towels with us. So yep, fanny farts (queefing) and farting is totally normal and encouraged! 

How will I feel afterwards?

Women have shared that they have never felt so elated, ecstatic, free, liberated and in love with themselves in their entire life. The simple act of getting naked is profound for many as we have often been shamed for our bodies, judged, compared to, abused and embarrassed by the way we look, particularly in comparison to what the beauty industry preaches to the masses.

Some women will comment that they have the best sleep or best sex (with a lover or themselves) of their lives after Nude Yoga because they have released all inhibitions. A lot of women feel sensual, embodied, sexy, wild, feminine, free!

Other women might feel tired, depleted, exhausted, emotional, tender, shameful (because of old patterns and conditioning). Some have expressed that they have felt ‘guilty’ for treating themselves so badly in the past. Women may also feel a ‘vulnerability hangover’ the following day.

There is a full spectrum of emotions that may arise from attending the workshop because we have shed so many layers of conditioning, fear and pain.

What do I do if I am menstruating on the night of the class?

I have taught many yoga classes on my period and I survived! In fact, I enjoyed the sensitivity and vulnerability that’s heightened from the experience. You can either wear a tampon or wear a moon cup. Perhaps bring a dark coloured towel to place on your yoga mat in case of any leakages. 

If you’re not comfortable with either of these options, you may wear underwear with a pad or period undies. It’s a personal choice, and I respect your decision. There is no reason why you can’t join the class if you are on your moon. What a powerful experience if you are bleeding! 

How many people attend these workshops?

Usually, I cap the workshop at 20. However, I prefer intimate classes of about 10-16. 

Do I have to be in the photo?

You have a choice at the end whether or not you would like to be in the photograph. There is no pressure to be in the photo! We love to take a photograph at the end to celebrate feeling free and empowered in our body. However, if you have a job where you don’t want to be seen naked or it’s your personal choice, that’s absolutely OK. You can take the photo for us! There is a waiver you sign before the workshop commences where you can give consent or not to be in the photo. 

Do you offer refunds on purchased tickets?

Short answer, no. I don’t offer money back refunds but do offer to keep your ticket so you can use it at a future workshop. I do this because a lot of women buy their ticket when they’re feeling empowered and courageous but then they might have a feeling of anxiety over what they’ve just commited to do, which is totally normal as this work is so profound. By keeping your ticket for a future workshop I am encouraging you to stay in your willingness to expand and experience these incredible nights.

The only time I’ll offer full refunds is when I have to cancel an event.

I am a larger size woman, will there be other women in larger bodies?

We create a safe, welcoming space for women of all shapes and sizes to comfortably attend these workshops. Our workshops are all inclusive of size, shape, age and colour. You are not alone! There is always a cross section of women from all walks of life. And what you realise in Naked Awakening/Nude Yoga is that no matter what the size, we all struggle with the same limiting belief that we are not good enough or that we are not loveable.


What is VITA coaching?

*Taken directly from*

The core values of VITA™ Coaching are based on the belief that sexuality is sacred, beautiful, powerful, and natural; pure love is the primary force that sustains us, and meaningful relationships are necessary for a joyful life.

We work from a basic understanding that all of us are sensual beings with a tremendous capacity for love and connection.

As VITA™ coaches, we celebrate our sensual nature and live authentically by choosing love over fear while embracing both with compassion.

The transformation occurs not from trying to be something different than we are, but by gently integrating the blockages, fears, and contractions around our sexuality, hearts, and relationships to reveal the wholeness and health that is our birthright.

Everyone desires more potent, lasting love. Everyone desires relationships based on trust and real intimacy. But hardly anyone knows the effective and practical tools to get there.

The VITA™ method takes the most effective teachings of modern neurobiology, holistic healing, and modern coaching, and blends them with ancient wisdom & teachings. VITA™ stands for: “The Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach.”

Do you coach couples?

No. I am not qualified to coach couples within the same session. I can however coach individuals in a relationship on their relationship. Also if both peoples within the relationship want separate coaching this can be done. 

are you qualified in trauma healing?

I am not a trauma expert. I am however trained as a trauma-informed coach. This means I am qualified to handle certain levels of trauma healing. If I ever feel a client’s needs are outside my professional capacity I will refer them to an expert in the field and continue working with them in the areas I am qualified to facilitate. 

do you offer in person coaching?

Depending on your reason for first seeking energy healing you may need one session or multiple sessions. I can help guide you on this after your first treatment.

I do suggest leaving at least a week in between treatments to create the space for you to consciously and subconsciously process what’s been done. Reiki energy continues to move and work through you even after the session is complete. 

You may feel nothing after your first treatment or spend the next few days, weeks or even months processing new things that come to the surface. 

This is where a follow up session can be helpful. It’s generally best to receive three to five Reiki treatments one to two weeks apart. Once you see yourself improving you can space out treatments to one month or six weeks apart.  Receiving regular Reiki treatments is excellent self-care and helps you to maintain holistic balance.

why don't you work with men?

At this point in time, my calling is to work with women, the divine feminine and vulva owners. All of my studies have been around female anatomy, physiology and psychology and so I want to work in this area long enough to refine my skills. I am interested in working with men in the future and when that time comes I will complete the extra certifications that would allow me to do so.

what does it coast to work with you?

At this point in time (March 2023) my fees are $150 per session. Each session is 60 – 90 minutes long. This price is a discounted rate as I am not fully graduated from my studies. Once I graduate my rate will rise.

what's involved in a 1:1 session?

Each session is personally tailored to the client’s desires although there is a loose structure.

Frist, we spend time getting curious about your desires. What do you want is sex, in love and in relationship.

Once we uncover your deepest desires we begin exploring what that would look like for you; where you might be blocking yourself from achieving this desire, what belief systems are you holding onto that aren’t serving you, and whether are there any external factors that are creating fear or blockages and what inner healing needs to be completed in order for you to move forward.

These sessions are heavily based on somatic (body) healing; meaning we are constantly checking in with the bodily responses and sensations and encouraging their presence to be aprt of deeper processing and integrations.