Naked Awakening

Courage, Vulnerability & Self Acceptance. These are the pillars of NAKED AWAKENING.

Do you struggle with body image? Self acceptance? A feeling of disconnect from your body or sensuality?

Are you ready to find sexual sovereignty, authentic expression & build a sisterhood?

Who is welcome in a Naked Awakening workshop?

Our workshop welcomes vulva and vagina-owners who identify as female or non-binary. Trans gender (post op) are also welcome to attend.

There is a wide range of mixed and open naked yoga classes available across the world for non vagina-owners to attend.

a Journey Through Self Love

Immersive women’s workshops creating a safe space for vulnerability while cultivating courage, accessing self honour, and journeying towards radical self-acceptance.

Attending just one session can change the way you view yourself and the world around you. Some women attend again and again praising their experience for the profound chance it has bought to their lives.

I invite all women of all ages, shapes, sizes, and races to join together in an experience designed to unleash their inner divine feminine.

We challenge modern perceptions of conventional beauty. We are not the weaker sex. We are good enough, strong enough, powerful enough, sexy enough. WE ARE ENOUGH!

Become powerful! Join us for a divine night in a private, warm, candle lit sacred space, sitting in a circle around a sacred altar. 

Shedding layers celebrates our most authentic, natural and rawest female form. Tapping into our goddess sensuality with breath, sound, and movement. We encourage women to release what no longer serves them by unveiling their beauty amongst other imperfectly-perfect women. 

a Journey Through Self Acceptance

Diving deep into the layers of social conditioning, this workshop is the safe supportive space you’ve be searching for to be guided through your self acceptance journey.

You will be held, witnessed and guided. By Rikki and by the other women in the space.

In this space you admit and acknowledge all the limiting beliefs you have been living with and work towards releasing these self doubts uncovering the powerful truth of your beauty. Inside and out!

We shed our clothes and layers of inhibitions and bare all to the experience.

In order to find and connect with our most authentic selves we must first accept where we are, how we’ve been wrongfully taught to view ourselves and how we’ve been treating our bodies.

You are NOT broken, you do NOT need to be fixed.

It’s time to remove the blindfolds we’ve been wearing and see how incredible we truly are.