To all the women who bleed, this is a heartfelt invitation to join me on a profound journey. 

Have you ever allowed your menstrual blood to flow into the earth, changing the color of soil as it nourishes the grass? 

This blog isn’t just a story of an ancient ritual—free bleeding on the earth—it’s a narrative interwoven with threads of self-discovery, body confidence, and genuine self-love. 

From an ancient ritual honoring the cycles of life to reclaiming lost heritage in modern living, I invite you to rediscover sacred practices, rebel against societal hush, and declare that our bodies are meant to be celebrated. 

Let us begin a collective journey to reclaim our narratives, honoring the divine connection between womanhood and the earth.

Embracing Sacred Rhythms: A Journey to Trusting Your bleed. 

To all the women who bleed, to all the vulva owners who bleed and to all who used to bleed. 

Have you ever allowed your menstrual blood to naturally flow out of you and into the earth?

Have you ever seen the colour of soil change as the deep red river of your cycle mixes with it?

Have you ever witnessed your plants and grass be nourished by your iron and mineral rich blood? 

In a world that often hurries past the sacred rhythms of femininity, I invite you to join me on a profound and deeply personal journey. 

This is not just a story of an ancient ritual – free bleeding on the earth – but a narrative interwoven with the threads of self-discovery, body confidence, and the pursuit of genuine self-love. 

This journey is dedicated to the women who, like me, have struggled with trusting and listening to their bodies and finding peace in their unique essence.

The Ancient Ritual

On the first day of my cycle, I do my best to make space in my schedule to immerse myself in the soft embrace of nature, letting the pulsing of my body intertwine with the heartbeat of Pachamama. 

The perks of working from home 😉

This ancient ritual serves as a reminder of the forgotten beauty in our ancestral practices; a connection that transcends time and whispers of wisdom buried deep within our feminine lineage.

We were never intended to experience a sense of isolation or detachment from Mother Gaia, Pachamama, our earth. However, many of us may grapple with a profound ache stemming from this disconnection. 

Directly allowing our menstrual blood to flow onto the earth, whether wearing a big dress or skirt with no underware or being completely naked, can genuinely serve as a bridge, dismantling the illusion of separation between us and her. 

In this act, our menstrual blood transforms into a crimson river of reconnection—an intimate, flowing umbilical cord that roots us back into the embrace of the earth. 

Each time I bleed onto the earth, I sense as though I am planting my own roots more profoundly into the soil, a reaffirmation of my innate right to be a daughter of nature. 

Honouring the Cycles of Life (the red tent)

Our foremothers understood the power in embracing the cycles of life, honoring the ebb and flow that courses through us. 

In the whispers of the wind and the rustle of leaves, I hear the echoes of a time when such practices were revered—a time when women found strength in the rhythms of their bodies.

The Red Tent has deep historical roots, representing a sacred space where women would gather during the new moon to collectively experience menstruation. This tradition can be traced back to various ancient cultures, including those in Mesopotamia, ancient Greece, and indigenous communities. 

The Red Tent served as a communal haven for women to share the transformative experience of menstruation, fostering a sense of sisterhood, support, and spiritual connection.

Within the Red Tent, women engaged in rituals that celebrated the cyclical nature of womanhood. These rituals often included storytelling, singing, and dancing, creating an environment where the wisdom of elder women was passed down to younger generations. The new moon, symbolizing renewal and fertility, was considered an auspicious time for women to come together and honor their menstrual cycles.

A profound Sense of Unity

Laying in the grass, letting my blood meet the earth, brings a sense of unity—a reminder that my body, much like the changing seasons, follows a natural rhythm. 

It’s a connection to the earth, a recognition that we are part of a greater whole, and a testament to the innate wisdom within our very cells.

Lost heritage in Modern Living

In the cacophony of modern living, we’ve lost touch with these sacred rituals. The pressures of society have drowned out the whispers of our ancestral wisdom, leaving us disconnected from the very essence of our being. Yet, in this moment, amidst the chaos, I reclaim a piece of our shared heritage—a heritage that holds the key to trusting our bodies and embracing self-love.

A rebellion and Declaration

This act of free bleeding is not just a physical act; it’s a rebellion against the societal hush surrounding menstruation. 

It’s a declaration that our bodies are not meant to be hidden but celebrated—a vessel of life intricately entwined with the world around us. 

It’s an act to combat the shame I felt for most of my bleeding life and the stigmas that to bleed is gross, dirty and should be hidden from others.

I extend an invitation to all women, urging you to rediscover these sacred practices, break free from the chains of silence, and honor the ancient wisdom that resides within.

Reclaiming our Narratives

In a society that often overlooks the magic of our bodies, let’s embark on a collective journey to reclaim our narratives. 

It’s time to revive the traditions that celebrate the divine connection between womanhood and the earth—a connection that holds the key to trusting our bodies and cultivating a profound sense of self-love.


This journey is an exploration of trust, body confidence, and self-love—a journey that transcends societal norms and embraces the innate wisdom within every woman. 

As we reclaim the sacred rhythms of femininity, may we find empowerment, healing, and a renewed sense of confidence in our bodies. Let this be a testament to the resilience and beauty inherent in each of us, a celebration of our unique essence intertwined with the ancient wisdom that echoes through time.

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