Yoni Egg Masterclass


Yoni Egg Masterclass



What makes me different?

I use nudity in a lot of my women’s group healing work as a way to intensify the healing process and add a deeper level of embodiment to the experience.

Body image is one of the most common struggles we as women carry. So by removing our clothes we bare all to experience this state of ultimate vulnerability.

Being naked around other people is a common fear for so many because we are riddled with body image issues, insecurities and inhibitions. By removing clothes, we remove layers of status, judgement, masks, fear, sexuality, separation and preconceptions.

How I got into this work.

My journey of connecting to my body, healing my shame and traumas and owning my sensuality came after a heartbreak.

As most big transformations do!

In 2015 I was dumped. At the time of course it was painful and I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. But it was this closing of one chapter and opening of another that led me down the path to becoming the powerful woman I am today!

I was 25 and the realisation hit me that I wasn’t living in my truth.

I wasn’t fully present or connected to my body and womanhood.

I was allowing my limiting beliefs to control my decisions.

And I had had enough!

I started studying the art of tantra, I started healing my past wounds and shames, I taught myself the very important art of emotional energy release and I began the very uncomfortable yet immensely empowering journey of unconditionally loving all of me.

Now I come to you authentic, vulnerable and ready.

Having found a place of satisfaction within my own processing.

Our healing journey never really ends. Once one layer is removed there is always another. And another. And another. What changes is the awareness and understanding of the healing process and what it looks like for you?

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By using my gifts and magic energies the earth provides my approach is to help guide people to find healing within themselves whilst also building community and reminding them they are never alone. 


My method of healing is natural, authentic and intuitive. I like to dive deep into the core reason for people’s ailments and instead of using a bandaid approach we pull off the layers and heal from the root cause. 


I’m a very grounded and down to earth woman. My vibe is very natural, raw and organic. I pride myself in owning and understanding exactly who I am and always living in my truth and authenticity.