Intuitive Energy healinG

Since I was a young girl I’ve been told I have healing hands. I’ve always been very comfortable with physical touch and always drawn to hug, massage or place my hands on friends and family without even understanding why. The response from people was always the same, they would say “how did you know I needed that?”


I officially learnt the art of Reiki in 2018 whilst travelling throughout Nepal. Since then I have been refining the way I practice.

My healing practise is intuitive and as no two ailments or clients are the same, the same goes for my sessions.

Using a combination of Reiki, crystal healing, physical touch and guided messages, I unblock chakras and release stagnant energies in the body caused by emotional suppression.

My sessions take place indoors or outdoors in nature and can even be delivered by distance (learn more about distance healing).

Distance Healing (done via video call) – $65

60 minutes in person – $85

90 minutes in person – $105 



By using my gifts and magic energies the earth provides my approach is to help guide people to find healing within themselves whilst also building community and reminding them they are never alone. 


My method of healing is natural, authentic and intuitive. I like to dive deep into the core reason for people’s ailments and instead of using a bandaid approach we pull off the layers and heal from the root cause. 


I’m a very grounded and down to earth woman. My vibe is very natural, raw and organic. I pride myself in owning and understanding exactly who I am and always living in my truth and authenticity. 

Kind words from clientS

Reiki Distance Healing

I approached Rikki for some distance reiki healing, and was consistently reassured with this choice throughout the process… Rikki’s warmth has me feeling so safe from the beginning, and she gently but very thoroughly covered everything that I was seeking balancing around. The session itself felt incredibly intimate despite us not being together in person, and then her relay of the messages she had received in this time really resonated with both my body and my heart. Rikki is so gifted; I felt so held during this experience with her, and I am so grateful! Highly recommend this beautiful offering to all! ❤️


Intuitive Energy Healing

My daughter has always been a very loving caring person, as she grew older it was obvious the direction she was taking was in the area of giving and healing, so many friends and family have benefited from her kind words, in recent years and have been able to appreciate Rikki’s natural abilities. Recently I was sick, tired and very uncomfortable. Rikki walked in, put me on her massage table and started healing me from tip to toe. I left the table 90 minutes later feeling lighter, more at peace and that a lot of the heavy energies I was carrying around had been lifted. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a daughter with such loving touch and such a kind spirit. As her father I am so proud of how Rikki lives, loves and shares her natural talents.


Reiki & Yoga

I have experienced both reiki healing and yoga sessions with Rikki. She is a wonderful and warm hearted healing practitioner and after working with her across multiple sessions I felt much lighter and more at peace within myself. Rikki applies a mix of ancient healing techniques along with her own intuitive and adaptive style which she applies to your own unique situation and individual needs. I continually recommended her services to anyone seeking an experienced and warm hearted healer.


Nude Yoga Workshops

My journey with my body image has been less than kind over the years, which I am sure most women can relate to. I have done a lot of work to change the way I viewed myself physically, as that translates to my internal world as well. 

I looked at Nude Yoga Workshops quite a lot over the last year, as I felt like I really needed something big to push me into the next phase of loving my body. I finally took that plunge and attended my first Nude Yoga Workshop with Rikki Yeowart. 

My advice to anyone thinking of attending one of Rikki’s workshops is to not think and just do it. 

This will change your life, and how you view yourself.