Collaborated events

We all have such powerful life experiences that have lead us to be the guides we are today. I believe if we join our modalities we can create something of unique beauty and magical transformation.

Womens Connection Circle

This is a four-hour women-only event co-facilitated by the amazing Sophie Spencer, an embodiment photographer, fire performer and free gypsy spirit.

Embodiment | Self love photography | Yoga & Dance | Candlelit vegan dinner | Organic Wine + a whole lot of love.

Join Rikki & Soph for an afternoon of sisterhood connection, self love, movement medicine and vegan indulgence.

The Women’s Connection Circle is all about coming together with likeminded and empowered women to create an uplifting, inspiring and creative space full of love + laughter. Something we all deserve so deeply!

On top of a beautiful afternoon and a homemade vegan dinner, you will also receive access to a group album of 50 images with individual and group captures of you + your sisters in your divinity.

These events take place in the most gorgeous and rustic Airbnbs (Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Gold Coast) – trust me, you’ll be mesmerised and probably won’t want to leave.

There are limited spaces available, so if I was you, I’d be jumping to the link below and booking your spot!

This. Is. Going. To. Be. Indulgent.

Please note: As we will be diving into our most vulnerable + authentic sides of self, we do ask that you are comfortable with nudity. Rikki + Soph will create a safe haven for you to explore your own edges that you may hold with your body image and break sisterhood barriers with love, light and a whole lot of dancing cue Beyonce.


The Sister Wound & The Feminine Rising

This is a four-hour women-only event co-facilitated by the amazing Sophie Spencer, an embodiment photographer, fire performer and free gypsy spirit.

Designed for the women out there who have been affected by the sister wound.

Bullied, judged, compared to, belittled, had your worth and authenicity challenged. 

We discuss and share what our experiences have been like. Sharing our most vulnerable truths in a sacred sharing circle.

Sophie and I share ways in which you too can release these past wounds to free yourself of the limitations around forming new and powerful female relationships.

We decided to come together and create this powerful event because we both come from dancing backgrounds and share the same experiences of being treated poorly by our sisters.

I bring womens nude healing and yoga to the event and Sophie brings her female embodiement photography.

And YES you guessed right. This event is NAKED!

We immerse ourselves in nature, different locations each time. Finding a private yet sacred space to work through our trumas and to have an amazing group photography session. You get to keep all the photos taken and use them as a reminder of how far you have come and how powerful we are when we celebrate each other, encourage each other, and love each other. 


Naked Yoga & Wine Night

Now, this is a bit of fun! Nude yoga? Alcohol? Mixed gender?

Being the Queensland coordinator for Get Naked Australia these classes are for GNA members only.

You don’t have to be good at yoga, and you don’t have to be comfortable being naked… but if you’re looking for an event to help you step out of your comfort zone, then this is a perfect place to start.

1 hour of beginner yoga followed by an hour (or two) of socialising and sharing a drink.

The yoga flow is designed for us to have fun, not test our abilities. A chance for us to get out of our heads and into our bodies, laughing along the way. I turn it into a game, with prizes to be won.

We sit in a circle and are only lit by candles and lamps. Don’t worry no one will be behind you and it is dimly lip. Perfect for your first naked event.

We are passionate bunch of nudies dedicated to normalising nudity and building community.

If you’re interested in joining our community and these classes get in touch.